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Terms and Definitions

In the 1980's I (Wal) developed a technique of enlightenment called ARISE based on the theory that if I am not enlightened and if the light comes from above, then there must be something between me and the source of the light that was blocking the light and if I could find a way to remove whatever was blocking the light then I would be enlightened. Despite the fact that ARISE could hold its own with most other techniques of spiritual growth and enlightenment in the world today, Celestial Transformation is far superior to ARISE, and it makes ARISE redundant.

Celestial Transformation
Celestial Transformation is the highest form of spiritual transformation in the world at this time. The evolution available through Celestial Transformation is limitless and infinite. Results of those who practise spiritual transformation can be measured in units of "dimensions" and "levels of perfection". Measurements of the results of a spiritual transformation sessions show that far more dimensions are accessed and far more levels of perfection are achieved with a Celestial Transformation session than with any other method of transformation or healing or meditation or guru communion or worship.

Celestial Words of Power
When Jan first started transmitting from our Divine Guides, they gave us some Celestial Words of Power to resonate. Resonating these Divine Words of Power enabled us to raise our vibrations which, in turn, enabled us to communicate with higher and higher divine beings. Eventually we raised our vibrations high enough to speak to Lord Jehovah. He told us to keep seeking higher for it was ordained that we would communicate with a being higher than Him, a being that even He called "guide". This most high of beings is called The Highest of All That Is or, simply, The Highest. Eventually we were able raise our vibrations sufficiently to talk to The Highest. She gave us a lot of information, including many Celestial Words of Power to use primarily to heal the Earth and also to heal all life on Earth. We have published most of these Words of Power and some of the information given to us by The Highest in our books. Divine Ascendance
Just as most people are right hand dominant or 'right handed', most people are either body dominant, or mind dominant, or emotions dominant. In other words, either their body, mind, or emotions has the biggest influence on how they run their lives. (Having emotions dominant is a recipe for chaos). A few people, those who follow a spiritual path of self mastery, take control of their body, mind, and emotions and put their spirit in charge. This milestone in spiritual growth is called achieving 'Spiritual Ascendance'. Spiritual Ascendance, or simply 'Ascension', means that you have evolved beyond the need to reincarnate.

Once you have achieved the level of Spiritual Ascendance, it is then possible for you to take some quantum leaps, that only a tiny number of people have taken so far, and further uplift yourself so that your divine aspect becomes ascendant.

Such 'Divine Ascendance' produces amazing changes in your whole being. The web page "50+ Advantages of Divine Ascendance" shows you how. We offer specialised Celestial Transformation sessions to help you to achieve Divine Ascendance. Divine Ascendance gives you some spectacular attributes such as a simplified structure that is free from chakras and kundalini (at the divine level, less is more). To understand this, consider that when you charge up your mobile phone, you plug it into a transformer that steps down the mains voltage. If you were able to plug your phone directly into the mains voltage, it would burn out. Likewise, most people need chakras to step down the divine power. When you are Divine Dominant you are so strong that it is as if you no longer need to run on batteries that need charging via a transformer plugged into the mains supply. Rather you connect directly into the high voltage mains and the transformer becomes redundant.

Being divine ascendant is not to be confused with ancient myths and legends where divine beings appear on Earth and carry out miracles etc. In the Golden Age, divinity is not like that and you don't need divinity to create miracles. All you need in order to create miracles is a certain type of spiritual knowledge. Divine Ascendance does give you considerable power to heal and enlighten others, however, and it carries with it a higher level of spiritual and divine responsibility over others.

EFT stands for "Emotional Freedom Techniques". You use EFT when you want to replace negative or limiting feelings, emotional states, problems, etc. with positive. We try it on everything, even physical conditions (just in case there is an emotional component to a physical problem, which there often is). EFT targets disruptions to the body's energy system that are responsible for negative feelings and states and conditions. EFT is the most useful of all the methods we know of that transform feelings and emotions.

If you are familiar with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) then you can make faster physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and divine progress by tapping the Celestial Words of Power into the EFT points. We are getting fantastic feedback from people who are experimenting with doing this. Whatever your experience with EFT, be prepared to be astounded by what incorporating Words of Power can do.

Highest Love
Highest Love has perhaps the highest transformative power and it increases within your being with Celestial Transformation. On every level there are benefits that can be translated into purification of your total being. Immersing yourself into this highest of love brings you into the perfection of knowing who it is you truly are, that which is love, that which is the highest form of love. The more that you immerse yourself in love the more you will find that you are becoming attuned with your own divinity. It touches every aspect of who you are and empowers the who YOU are. Working on yourself and attuning with the highest of love creates the resonance everywhere, in all places, and as in most things, it builds a momentum and evolves of itself, self perpetuating, a constant IS.

Many spiritual teachers talk of the benefits of unconditional divine love which looks pink to the psychic sight. As the vibration of unconditional divine love increases the pink turns into white, and then, as the vibrations increase even higher, the white becomes brilliant, and then it clarifies and becomes a clear brilliant light. This clear brilliant light is highest love. Highest love purifies you totally.

For more information see "The Highest of Love"

Kinesiology is a very powerful tool for taking measurements and for finding out information needed to bring about beneficial change. We, Jan and Wal, both have numerous kinesiology qualifications in Touch for Health, EK, PKP, and One Brain. "Muscle testing", as kinesiology is sometimes called, is becoming more well known as more health professionals (eg chiropractors, psychologists etc.) use it now. At the heart of its therapeutic uses, Kinesiology gives you an indication of whether a statement is true or false, quickly and easily, and can be a very powerful tool in the hands of a competent therapist.

Kundalini is the energy source that rises from the base to the top of the head, up the spine. Kundalini also has an echo that rises from the sexual centre up to the top in a direct parallel to the spine. Kundalini has to do with power, personal power, all that is power. Love and power are related. Power is the accumulation of knowledge and putting that knowledge into action.

You must accumulate and assimilate as much information as possible on love and highest love in order for kundalini power to be ultimately benevolent and ultimately great, and to meet its maximum potential. Therefore, by attuning with all that is love, and all that is highest love, and filling the self with that love, you are also filling up with power and much knowledge. Knowledge is power.

Highest Love can be called one of the ultimately greatest powers that you can access. It has been said that all things return to love, one can track all emotions back to love. And the greatest transformer also is love. Love is that which motivates each and every living being. Love is light and light is all, and all is light. And yet, when you enter into power, it is putting action into the love, you are taking in the love receptively, or creating the love in your own way, actively, and then it is putting it into action. You are living it. In order to live your love, you must put it into action, you must empower it.

As you transform with Celestial Transformation, your kundalini is healed and optimised and enlightened. As the vibrations continue to rise and the divine aspect becomes the dominant aspect, the kundalini reaches its peak and then it, too, is transformed, to be replaced by your even more powerful and perfect divine power.

'MET' stands for 'Meridian Energy Therapies' and is a name given to a collection of dozens of therapeutic techniques that base themselves upon the Chinese Acupunture Meridian concept. We, Jan and Wal, practise some of these including Kinesiology, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique), iBSFF (instant Be Set Free Fast).

NLP stands for "Neuro Linguistic Programming". It has often been called the "Most advanced human change technology in the world". It is said "We are our beliefs". We use NLP for changing core beliefs, removing limiting beliefs and decisions, integration, transforming past and future memories and events, pulling apart limiting belief systems and negative meta-states, and sometimes we use it for dealing with negative emotions and feelings (we usually use EFT for dealing with limiting emotions because it is nearly always faster than NLP). We are both Master Practitioners of NLP. Gary Craig, the inventor of EFT, says of NLP, "I am a Certified Master Practitioner of NLP myself and hold a deep appreciation for its teachings. It has substantially enhanced my ability to deliver EFT. In fact, ANYONE that chooses to pursue NLP will become much better at not only delivering EFT but also in their everyday skills with people. And who couldn't use that? NLP! Highly recommended!"

Spiritual Ascendance
Just as most people are right hand dominant, "right handed", most people are either body dominant, or mind dominant, or emotions dominant. In other words, either their body, mind, or emotions has the biggest influence on how they run their lives. (Having emotions dominant is a recipe for chaos). A few people, those who follow a spiritual path of self mastery, take control of their body, mind, and emotions and put their spirit in charge. This milestone in spiritual growth is called achieving "Spiritual Ascendance". You can use Celestial Transformation to achieve Spiritual Ascendance quickly and easily.

The Highest (The Highest of All That Is)
The most highly evolved being in the Universe. Ye, The Highest of All That Is, has become more, but that is another story which we hope to bring you soon.

When I applied ARISE to Jan she started to speak messages from Divine Guides who said that she was the first on Earth to use Transmission to communicate with beings in Spirit. Transmission, they said, was far more reliable and free from interference than channelling and would enable us to ascend the spiritual heights, higher than anyone previously, and communicate with beings of higher and higher vibration and enlightenment.

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