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Highest Love

You get amazing benefits from Highest Love

The effortless way to spiritual growth is to expand Highest Love within your being so that you become a higher expression of Highest Love. If you look at Unconditional Divine Love with psychic sight, it appears as a pink light. If you then raise the vibration of that pink light, it starts to appear more white. Continuing to raise the vibration and the amount of whiteness increases until the Unconditional Divine Love first becomes all white, then it begins to shine and it becomes a bright and shiny white light, and then the whiteness disappears and it becomes a shiny clear light, and then, if you raise the vibration even more, it becomes clear and brilliant, like sunlight shining on a diamond, or the morning sun reflecting from a crystal clear mountain stream. This is Highest Love.

On every level there are benefits from radiating Highest Love, benefits which can be translated into purification of the total being. Immersing the self into this Highest of Love brings you into the perfection of knowing who it is you truly are, that which is love, that which is the highest form of love.

The more that you immerse yourselves in love, (and not too much too soon for you can overwhelm yourselves with too much too soon), then indeed you shall find that you are becoming more and more attuned with your own divinity. Obviously as you attune more with your own divinity and the all that is within your own comprehension and your own ability then of course there are benefits to be gained in all things. It touches every aspect of who you are and empowers the 'who you are'.

As you work upon yourself and as you attune and explore this love for your own self and begin to resonate with it most clearly, then you radiate it to others who pick up this wondrous, wondrous resonance from you and they begin to create the change in their own self.

Due to the interconnectedness of all things (the illusion is separation), then by working upon the self you are also working upon All That Is at the same time. Working on yourself and attuning with the Highest of Love creates the resonance everywhere, in all places, and, as in most things, it builds a momentum and evolves of itself. Self perpetuating, a constant is.

Highest Love has much healing property. It is a catalyst towards transformation on all levels. The physical will respond to the love by the love catalysing the perfect state of being, the ideal state of being, balance and harmony, completeness and oneness. Over a prolonged period it results in a higher frequency, a lighter frequency, a less denseness of the physicalness. And so it promotes well being, it promotes clearance of all such things that can be classed as disease for the whole system becomes an expression of Highest Love.

Ultimately the system becomes Highest Love, Highest Love and that is all. It is not that you are not already this Highest Love for you are, but it becomes remembered, if you like, and it becomes accessed, and it becomes manifest in all that is done.

Therefore, ultimately what will occur for all who do this is that all things shall be this love, all that is looked upon is looked upon with the Highest of Love, all that is done is done with the Highest of Love, all that is heard is filtered with this love, every aspect of being is touched with the Highest of Love and the Highest of Love is, and it is all.

All is light, and yet stronger and more powerful and more high a frequency is this love. Beyond this love there is higher love, beyond that there is higher love, more purified indeed and it is part of the eternal quest for knowing All That Is, this love that motivates all things in all places.

So by attuning with it you are fulfilling yourselves totally and absolutely. Of course, when one is fulfilled and there is joy and contentment and all such things then you are in a state of perfection.

Highest Love is present within all, as it is present within the divine spark which is within all. It is within the light itself, it is just that you can go further and further into it, exploring more of that which you call God, that which you call Divine and that which you perceive is Higher than Divine. And to continue inward into that light you can find out more of what it is.

Celestial Words of Power resonate with Highest Love and their regular use will assist you to raise your vibration so that you become a higher expression of Highest Love.

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